Alaska is the most under recruited  basketball state in America per capita. For many years girls basketball has been the lead for division 1 basketball recruitment, now boys basketball is not far behind.  Alaska is filled with tremendous under exposed basketball talent that has been force or lead to leave the great State of Alaska to receive a chance at the next level.  In the past 4 years Alaska has produce several Division 1 and Division 2 basketball players notably: Kamaka Hepa, University of Texas, Devonaire Doutrive, University of Arizona, Brandon Huffman, University of North Carolina, Tobin Karlberg and Travis Adams University of Alaska Anchorage, Clayton Southwick Dixie State University.

Recruiting is competitive.  So many athletes in the world looking for an opportunity to play basketball at the highest levels, reaching out to universities daily for a chance.  The more interest you show in their school the more interest they will have in you.

State of Alaska Basketball